Nuclear energy:

The current park of nuclear reactors comprise mainly light water reactors (LWR) and CANDU reactor type. This park supplies about 11% of the world's energy. The LWR is a spin-off from naval applications and is very simple in operation. Current LWRs burn U235 in a once-through fuel cycle utilizing only about 1% of the nuclear energy. In addition they produce cupious amounts of Pu239 which was initially thought to be a good idea as Pu239 fuels fast reactors (FR). The subsequent delay in implementing FR has lead to a stockpile of toxic high level waste (HLW) (or fuel if you want). This stockpile is currently viewed as an environmental problem as the selection of geologically stable sites for long-term storage has been politically opposed (NIMBY effect). In addition the HLW may still be reprocessed and used in accelerator driven systems (ADS) or integral fast reactors (IFR).

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